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FAQs and Terms and Conditions of Our Referral Associates Program

Do clients pay more for services if a referral associate is involved?

Our fees are lower than any qualified competitor following best practice standards. We guarantee best reasonable pricing to clients regardless of whether a referral associate is compensated or not. Qualified referral associate involvement adds value to our overall service model.

Do we offer training to referral associates?

Referral associate education and training is available. We also provide marketing material guidance – for example referral associates can use copies of our white paper and add their contact information to it for introducing captive insurance companies to clients. We also have online videos they can use for on demand educational webinars.

What compensation do referral associates earn?

Referral associate compensation is agreed upon on a case by case basis depending on facts and circumstances. Payments are contingent on an RA remaining compliant with the terms and conditions herein. Referral fee payments must be legally payable to an RA and we encourage full transparency in client relationships.

Impact of Multiple Referral Associates Assisting and Referral Associate Conduct

If more than one referral associate is involved, Captive Experts LLC reserves sole discretion to allocate referral fee payments in a fair between between them. If there is a dispute as to which RA is the procuring cause for the new client relationship, Captive Experts LLC may withhold payment until the dispute is resolved. If a RA is disruptive to the quality and efficiency of the client relationship, in Captive Experts LLC’s sole opinion and discretion, Captive Experts LLC may also withhold or terminate future RA payments as the nature of the RA relationship must not only introduce new business prospects but also improve the quality and efficiency of servicing the referred client. If a RA prevents direct client contact when direct client contact is needed or desired to improve or expedite client services, Captive Experts LLC may also withhold or terminate future RA payments.

Must RAs have an insurance or other professional license?

Generally not at this time. If the legal landscape changes and payments to an unlicensed referral associate would violate a law, regulation or ethical code of conduct, such payments may be withheld or be terminated by Captive Experts LLC. RAs who hold a professional license are often subject to rules and regulations regarding outside new revenue and they must investigate if participation in our fees requires approval or disclosure to other parties or associations.

Are there any competition restrictions on referral associates?

No. Enrolling in our referral associate program does not restrict your doing business in any respect. You do however agree to keep our confidential information and trade secrets confidential, and you agree not to use any of the materials, documentation, flyers, contractual materials, underwriting materials, and any work product of Captive Experts LLC, including our processes and procedures, shared with you, in competition with and against Captive Experts LLC’s business interests. You agree not to share any confidential information on our programs, products, services, client and internal documentation, etc.,  with any competitor unless authorized in writing to do so. Since the damages a breach of this confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement may cause are difficult if not impossible to measure, and could be irreparable, you agree that Captive Experts LLC may forfeit all of your referral associate compensation if you breach this confidentiality and non-disclosure provision or any other material representation contained herein. You also agree injunctive relief is appropriate for any such breaches. 

Are approved referral associates employees or agents?

Absolutely not. Referral Associates are independent contractors without any rights to hold themselves out as employees or agents of Captive Experts LLC. You represent you work for yourself by methods under your control. Once you earn any independent contractor referral compensation as a Referral Associate pursuant to this program, you also agree to sign any required tax authority documentation that may be required before we begin making payments to you. 

How will we resolve disputes if any arise?

We should be able to work out issues without involving 3rd parties. However if we fail, you agree to submit any dispute to mediation to be conducted in Maricopa County, Arizona. If you are not located there, we agree all such proceedings can be conducted telephonically or by web cast. Our objective is to maintain a healthy and friendly association and avoid any material disputes. By enrolling in the referral associate program, you too agree to conduct yourself in the utmost good faith in this relationship and to behave according to the highest professional standards as the objective hereof is to effectively assist with quality new business development and improved services and relationships with prospects and clients you introduce to Captive Experts LLC. 

Can a Referral Associate be terminated?

Yes in some very limited circumstances such as a breach of confidentiality to keep Captive Experts proprietary information and resources from being used in competition with Captive Experts LLC. Also for unethical, disruptive or bad behavior. An example of unethical and bad behavior is material misrepresentations, improper sales techniques (such as emphasizing tax savings and benefits of captive solutions verses focusing on the risk management goals and objectives and identifying prospective candidates with real risk management concerns to address with captives), non-disclosure of conflicts of interest to us or the client, or a refusal to correct and modify identified problems, or refusal to participate in training to remediate deficiencies that become an issue. 

Will there be changes to the program?

Maybe, if required to improve the program or comply with changing regulatory landscape. You agree if reasonable changes are needed to clarify or improve the program, that you will agree to such changes. Any such changes will be reflected here and this page, and you agree the latest version of these terms and conditions shall control our relationship unless there is a signed agreement by its terms overriding the terms and conditions herein. 

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