If needed by clients, our affiliated law firm may assist your lawyers to design your captive risk management program ownership structure so it also addresses advanced asset protection and estate planning planning objectives.

What is Asset Protection?

The US is home to 94% of the world’s lawsuits according to recent reporters. This is giving rise to asset protection becoming one of the most sought after, yet still neglected, legal practice areas.

According to Wikipedia, asset protection (sometimes also referred to as debtor-creditor law, specifically the debtor side of that equation) is a set of legal techniques and a body of statutory and common law dealing with protecting assets of individuals and business entities from civil money judgments with the goal being to insulate assets from claims of creditors without concealment or tax evasion.

As a well known asset protection lawyer we work with put it, “asset protection planning is all about taking chips off the table during good times, so that you can walk away from the table a winner no matter what happens in bad times.

Our team has the experience to recognize asset protection planning considerations and integrate related concepts in our captive design work.

Contact us if interested in discussing how a captive can be part of an advanced asset protection strategy.