Best Practice Standard Guidance for 831(b) Micro-Captives – CICA Guidance Press Release

On August 25, 2015, CICA, the leading US captive insurance association, issued a press release with additional guidance on how to do small 831(b) micro-captive programs right. Click here to review the press release and best practice guidance memo. Click here for information on purchasing CICA’s full practice standards guidance report.

Our captive programs meet or exceed all of these practice standard guidance. In fact our Managing Director helped establish these best practice standards when he worked at the executive level with several of the top US captive managers, and authored an article in 2014 published by Captive Review on best practice standards. Read his article by clicking here, as it has far more detailed guidance than the CICA guidelines. Click here to read an in depth article on claims handling best practice standards.

We at Captive Experts are thrilled to see this pro-active trend to improve practice standards by other managers to help protect the long-term viability and reputation of the micro-captive industry.

For more detail on Captive Experts’ turnkey captive design, formation and management best practice standards and procedures, click here.