Avoiding Sham Risk Pools and Protect Pool Collateral From Misuse

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Captive Experts LLC manages a risk pooling arrangement for members of the Harbor Risk Pool Association (www.HarborRiskPoolAssocation.com). This is the most cost effective risk pooling arrangement we are aware of in the closely held family business enterprise risk micro-captive industry.

It also addresses the shortcomings of many risk pools including but are not limited to weak underwriting, inflexible pool reinsurance formulas not properly priced for different policy terms and limits, a lack of actuarial support for reinsurance pooling formulas, lack of regular reporting (no transparency), inadequate or excess collateral requirements, no claims investigation, and no capacity for participants to protect misuse of collateral.

The contractual pool arrangement of participant captives who are members of the Harbor Risk Pool Association addresses these concerns. This pooling arrangement also provides periodic financial, claims and pooled risk exposure reporting.